Peacock offers several materials to meet your identification needs. We carry stainless (304 & 316), aluminum, laminated plastic, lamicoid, phenolic, and vinyl. Several finishes are available such as textured, metallic, brushed, etched, and embossed.

We use premium quality brands of material by Rowmark, Innovative Plastics, and Gravoglas 2 Plex by Hermes. Each of these is excellent for interior or exterior use. They are UV stable, scratch resistant, and can withstand temperatures from extreme cold to 180 F. Material is available in a super-gloss lacquer finish or low-glare matte finish.

Engraving materials are available in 1/16" or 1/8" thickness. Standard nameplates are typically provided in 1/16" but for larger signs or applications not mounted to a smooth surface are recommended to be 1/8".

To meet most application requirements, Peacock can apply industrial adhesive tape or magnetic backing to each sign or tag. We also can pre-drill holes in all material for mounting purposes or to supply with a tie wire. Our vinyl signage can be provided with a peel and stick backing or reinforced holes for tying off.

Common Color Combinations: (Items highlighted in RED are typically in stock)

  • black surface / white core
  • white surface / black core
  • red surface / white core
  • white surface / red core
  • red surface / black core
  • black surface / red core
  • white surface / blue core
  • blue surface / white core
  • green surface / white core
  • yellow surface / black core
  • orange surface / white core
  • grey surface / white core
  • walnut wood surface / white core
  • gold surface / black core
  • silver surface / black core

We also stock stainless and aluminum in several sizes.

Please select our "SAMPLE TAGS" link for pictures of some of our most common requests.